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It’s an ELSA Day! :)

ELSA Pronunciation app ~ Google Play Store

To me, February has a lot to celebrate. Today is one of those important days. After lots of sleepless nights, ELSA Speak app is finally available on Google Play Store for beta testing.

As we build ELSA, we are working one step closer to our dream of equal opportunities for all. That in this flat and borderless world, English should never be a barrier that stops us reaching the fullest potential. That speaking should be joyful, not fearful. That all accents are accepted, as long as we can fully understand each other. That all biases regarding accents should be reduced / removed, and our real talent should speak for itself at the workplace.

Having worked across the globe in Asia, Europe and US, and having the privilege to work at the most global companies, I myself have seen many of my ex-colleagues could not get the fast-track promotion just because when they spoke English, clients couldn’t understand them. Or worse, clients didn’t trust them because of their heavy accents. It saddened me – because I once was among those – I struggled to communicate to express my ideas well. And I was embarrassed when people didn’t understand me and kept asking me to repeat what I said. It hurt my confidence, and it could have ripped away the opportunities I deserved.

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Just like I am not perfect – ELSA is not yet perfect. Still very buggy – and not all our ideas could be implemented well (only wish we had more than 24 hours a day). But I’m so glad we could finally share ELSA with many of you (Android users only, for now). I have been practicing with ELSA daily since I started working on this – and I honestly pay so much more attention to my pronunciation – to try to speak it right, than I used to be.

Start practice your English speaking now – it’s never too late. And it’s never enough to practice more. I hope ELSA can play a part in your journey to speak confidently and joyfully.

Link to download ELSA is here.

Please try and share it with your Android friends – help me help others :).

Happy ELSA day 🙂


P/s: Please send me all your feedback (good or bad) so we can constantly improve ELSA and make it a better experience for you all!

P/ss: iOS friends, please hang on just a little longer. As soon as you guys come back from Tet, we will have ELSA ready for you to download!

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