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How To Make ELSA Users Happier

How to make ELSA users happier


ELSA has over 400 lessons. Each lesson teaches a daily English conversation, like interviewing for a job, eating at a restaurant, and going to school. If you’re an ELSA user, you’ll know that when you first signed up for an account, you got access to all 400 lessons for free for a week. After your first week, you can continue using ELSA for free and your account will give you access to 20 lessons. At that point, many users choose to purchase ELSA Pro memberships so they can access all 400 lessons to make faster progress in their English speaking skill. 

Back at ELSA headquarters in San Francisco, we’ve been doing interviews with our customers to figure out what else they wanted from ELSA. One of the first things that we discovered from our interviews is how happy our customers already are.

“I love using ELSA. I tell all my friends about it.”

So then we asked them,

“What can we do to make you even happier?”

What do our ELSA users want?

Over and over again, our users told us that they wanted us to create more lessons.

So we then asked them “what topics do you want our new lessons to be about?”

The two most frequently requested topics were: Work and School.  Other popular topics include Travel, Relationship, and Food & Drinks.

What does this mean for ELSA?

Our next steps are much clearer now that we’ve done these customer interviews. You bet we’ll be working on creating more lessons, and you can expect the next few lessons to be about the workplace.  

These interviews also showed us that we should focus on the basics we already do well and polish any rough edges that stick out. For example, we’ll be improving our video streaming so you can use ELSA even when you have a weaker Internet connection.

If you’re an ELSA user and have a suggestion on what we can do to make you happier, please feel free to add a comment to this blog post!

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