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How “Y” changes when she meets these 4 guys

Y is finding a boyfriend. She has 4 potential guys who want to be with her, but they are all different from each other and she is also different when she’s around one of them.


Here’s the detailed story.

1. Y and T

When Y stands in front of T, they connect. They are no longer themselves, and their combination sounds very much like a CH.

Y + T = CH


  • What’s your name? –> /wəcher name/
  • Can’t you do it? –> /kænt chew do(w)it/
  • Don’t you like it? –> /dont chew lye kit/
  • Wouldn’t you? –> /wooden chew/

2. Y and D

The second guy on the list is D. D makes Y feel like a J.

D + Y = J


  • How did you like it? –> /hæo didjə lye kit/
  • Did you find your keys? –> /didjə fine jer keez/
  • We followed your instructions. –> /we fallow jerin strəctionz/

3. Y and S

S is another guy who wants to date Y. Normally S is a soft guy, but when he’s with Y, he becomes fierce.

Y + S = SH


  • Yes, you are. –> /yeshu are/
  • Bless you! –> /blesshue/
  • I’ll try to guess your age. –> /æl trydə geshierage/

4. Y and Z

Z is the last guy. Someone who doesn’t know him well might say that he doesn’t change much. It takes some delicacy to realize that he actually alters when Y is around.

Y + Z = ZH


  • How was your trip? –> /hæo wəzhier trip/
  • Who’s your friend? –> /hoozhier frend/
  • Who does your hair? –> /hoo dəzhier hεr/

Who will Y choose? We don’t know that, but we know this: whether it comes to love or pronunciation, sometimes you may need to alter a bit (just a bit) to adapt with the environment or situation you’re in, like Y and the guys do.

ELSA hopes you can remember this love story everytime you meet Y.

And best wishes on your love life, too! 🙂

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