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New year resolutions for speaking better English (or ELSA’s guide to discover yourself and the world)

2015 has come to an end. New Year, as always, is the time for reflection: what you have achieved, and what what you have not yet. However, more importantly, New Year is the time for setting new goals – so that by the end of next year, you can look back and see whether you are getting closer to where you wanna be.

ELSA has had a wonderful year as I got the chance to meet and help so many people practice and be more confident when speaking English. And on this New Year occasion, I want to make my own resolution, too. That is, to help more and more people overcome the language barrier and let their voice be heard and cherished.

How about yours?

In case you want to speak better English in the next year, here are a few suggestions from ELSA.

1. Learn new words

A wide range of vocabulary is necessary for us to be able to communicate our ideas in English. Let’s set a goal of learning some new words everyday.

2. Talk to native speakers once in a while
When you put yourself in a situation where speaking English is a must, you’ll be amazed at the way you can manage to communicate with foreign people and it should help improve your skills really fast.
3. Travel to another country
Why not? Traveling will not only help you meet more people, make friends and practice speaking English, but it will also give you a whole new perspective about cultures, people and the world. Travel, travel as much as you can!

4. Taste new food
I know, I know. Vietnam is one of the countries with the most interesting food. But you should try some other cuisines from other places as well. Because, my friend, if you want to get to know a country’s soul, you’d better taste their food.

5. YouTube is magical. Watch some videos.
I had an article on how you can use YouTube to improve your English speaking skills. So I guess, enough said?

6. Read some English books
Books is magical. You have already set a goal to read more books this year, how about including some English ones? By following the story, you get to improve your English at the same time! (But there is a small tip: start with something easy and popular, so that you won’t get discouraged midway).


7. Learn to sing a couple of songs

Don’t be selfish! Give the world a chance to listen to your sweet voice. This is also one of the most entertaining and easy way to practice your English pronunciation. One new song each month will definitely do good to your English pronunciation. What’s more, you can you it to impress a girl or a boy sometimes. He he.

8. Do something new

A year passes, have you made any progress? Have you become a better person? The best way to answer these questions is to learn something new. This year, I learned to play a guitar. I’m not yet a pro, but I am happy because I feel like I am a better person than I am last year. Don’t hesitate!

9. Let’s aim to spend 60 hours a year speaking English

Wow, keep calm. It may sound like a lot, but when you break it down, that is just 10 minutes everyday. You can either read aloud some paragraphs, or talk to a friends, or ELSA. As long as you keep doing this daily, you’ll make remarkable progress with your speaking skill.

10. Last, but never least, don’t forget to use ELSA!

An app that is wholeheartedly built to help you improve your English pronunciation? How can you miss it? You can even ignore the 9 resolutions above because practicing with ELSA alone is enough!!!

Just kidding.

You can try ELSA download link here and if you find her helpful, let’s spend a couple of minutes a day talking to her. I am sure that you will see the improvement real soon.

And that will make my resolution come true, too. 🙂


Wanna take a look at the whole 10 resolutions?

boardIf you can follow this, I know you will not need me anymore after one year. I will be sad, but I will also be happy, for you.

Now, bring it on, 2016!

Best wishes,

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