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Five Ways To Use AI In Your Everyday Life

Five ways to use AI in your everyday life

Generative AI is here to stay and it’s quickly becoming a part of our daily routines. You can find it in everything from your car’s GPS to your movie recommendations and your fitness tracker. 

If you’re looking to practice English more often, AI presents a unique opportunity. You can use AI apps to get tasks done or have fun while improving your communication skills. You’ll not only become more proficient in English but get used to using the language on a daily basis—all without the cost of extra classes!

Everyday apps which use AI 

With all the new AI apps, it’s hard to know which ones will be most effective. Here’s our top pick of the most useful AI tools that English language learners can use in your everyday life. 

1. Use AI to learn English: ELSA

Conversations are a big part of our daily routine, especially when we’re learning a new language. We constantly look for opportunities to make small talk with colleagues at the office or catch up with friends. ELSA offers you a way to use AI for quick conversations in English, regardless of how busy you are or what tasks you’ve got to get done.

ELSA not only lets you have fast, spontaneous conversations but also provides AI tutoring to improve your English communication skills. You can test your proficiency level and choose role-play scenarios to practice like asking for directions or ordering at a restaurant. You can even create your own scenarios if you can’t find the one you want on ELSA’s list.

Throughout conversations, ELSA acts like a human tutor would by giving guidance and providing feedback. It also monitors your progress, and shows you where to improve. That way you can still be intentional about learning English and avoid becoming dependent on AI

Real-time speech recognition and playback mean you can have authentic conversations without the pressure of talking to another person. In fact, 95% of people who use ELSA tell us they feel more confident after practicing with the app.

2. Boost your mental well-being: Youper

Millions of people practice mindfulness techniques to improve their mental health and maintain a positive outlook. They often find time for activities like yoga, meditation, or counseling in their morning routines, during lunch breaks, or after work. With growing interest in both English language and mindfulness, it’s no wonder many students combine the two in their classes.

While apps could never replace a good chat with a friend, Youper can act as your therapist or journal. The mental health tool lets you use AI to talk about your personal issues whenever you’d like and receive expert advice. As Youper is in English, you can immerse yourself in the language.

Youper goes beyond talking about your problems in English. The virtual therapist uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to help you cope with negative emotions like stress and anxiety. You could use CBT techniques to help yourself manage exam stress and develop better studying habits. 

3. Research information with AI: Perplexity

People are so used to looking up information online, they no longer realize they’re doing it. Now, with ChatGPT, we can use AI to answer everyday questions. However, sometimes it can make mistakes and give the wrong information. 

That’s when we ask where the information came from. With many tools, you have no way of knowing but Perplexity AI gives you the source for all its information.

All you have to do is type your question into the box on the homepage. The AI tool just takes a few seconds to generate a simple answer alongside links to sources and any relevant images. 

If you get into the habit of checking Perplexity in English, you can practice both your writing and your reading skills. You could also try asking questions about how English grammar or vocabulary rules work and see if you can find new learning resources.

4. Stay organized: Todoist

When you’re passionate about personal goals like learning a new language or exercising more, you want to find as much time for them as possible. You may also be keen to start but not be sure about the best starting point. For example, should you prioritize learning new English vocabulary or speaking to others?

The Todoist team knows how challenging it can be to start and stick to a new resolution which is why they’ve recently introduced an AI assistant. You can use this integration to break down a goal into smaller, actionable steps so you know exactly what to do and where it should fit into your day. If you’re still unclear, you can ask the AI to rewrite steps or suggest smaller subtasks.

You have to make your goals specific to get the best results. For example, you would say ‘learn the irregular spellings for past tense verbs in English’ not just ‘spell the past tense in English’. That’s not a disadvantage though—you get to practice writing in a more precise and accurate way.  

5. Get creative: Midjourney

No matter where you work or study, you probably use images every day. You can find them in everything from presentations and reports to English language textbooks and dictionaries. 

With Midjourney, you can create your own images by writing prompts for AI. You can make these highly realistic, like photos, or stylized like cartoons and graphics depending on what you ask for. The more creatively you write in English, the better the pictures you can generate.

There are endless opportunities to use Midjourney in both your daily routine and your language learning. When you learn a new word, you can generate a picture to accompany it and help you remember. You can also use especially interesting images as discussion points or for creating writing activities.

Make English a habit with ELSA AI

Now we have gen AI, it’s easier than ever to not just practice English but surround ourselves with the language. You can go from cooking breakfast with Perplexity to organizing your day with Todoist and illustrating a work presentation with Midjourney. If you have a particularly stressful morning, you can talk about it with Youper.
Throughout your day, you can talk about any topic in English with ELSA. There’s the option to have authentic conversations as often as you need and receive guidance on your language learning. You can make communicating with ELSA such a big part of your routine that using English becomes second nature too. So, try out ELSA AI and see how you can improve your English with everyday practice.

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