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8 Tips To Improve Your English Skills.

8 Tips to improve your English skills.


Tip 1: Practice to think in English.

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Like a native speaker, you have to train yourself to think everything in English.
Here is some highlight for you to practice thinking in English:

  • Don’t translate between your native language and English.
  • Use a dictionary if you don’t know the word.
  •  Try to think in English every time everywhere. For example, if you want to hang out with friend after work, you should ask yourself questions and answer in English:
    – “Where should I go with him/her?”
    – “What kind of food should we have?”
    – “Oh! I should go to X Coffee with her, and tell her about ELSA App, which helped me a lot in learning English.”

2.  Talk to yourself in English.


Sound crazy right? Actually, this will help you a lot.
Talking to yourself doesn’t need to be like walking around and talking to your own. You can:

  •  Read out loud the English book that you like.
  •  Use a mirror to practice talking in English.
  • Choose a topic and talk about it. Use your phone to record what you speak, so next time you can see how good or how bad your pronunciation is.

Tip 3. Get a friend to practice.

It’s always better to have a friend to practice so that they can correct your pronunciation.

If you can’t find a partner or don’t have time to practice with your friend, try ELSA App. We will be your friend to help you improve English Speaking Skill.

Tip 4. Watch English TV Show, Movie.


Let ELSA suggest you some TV Shows that will help you a lot in learning English:

🎫 Friends (1994 – 2004)
🎫 How I Met Your Mother (2005 – 2015)
🎫 Glee (2009 – 2015)
🎫 Gossip Girl (2007 – 2012)
🎫 The Big Bang Theory (2011 – present)

These movies help you not only practice American accent, but also understand American culture.

Tip 5. Writing in English everyday.

Do you usually have grammar mistake while speaking English? So this is a good way to improve your grammar and learn new words to back up for your speaking skill. Use Grammarly to spot grammar mistake. This is a very helpful app.

And remember the very first tip, always think in English, whether you’re writing, speaking, reading or listening.

Tip 6. Learn with English Songs.

This is an easy way to learn new words by listening to English songs. While doing this, you can both relax and learn how to say English words. Who knows, next time you might sing an English song with your friends.

Check This is a very good website for you to learn English from songs’ lyrics.

Tip 7. Learn English phrases and idioms.


Phrases, idioms or even Slangs are the important parts in learning speaking English. What if in the future, your native friend mentions a phrase or an idiom you don’t understand, why don’t prepare from now.

Besides, if you’re a willing-to-learn person, you will find many interesting facts behind those phrases and idioms: what its origin is, what it means, when people say it, etc.

Check out our next blog post next week. ELSA will give you most essential and common idioms that American usually use.

Tip 8. Read English Books and Newspaper.


If you take an IELTS or TOEFL Test next month, you definitely have to do this. Reading documents in English helps you not only to be better in understanding English, but also to increase your vocabulary and back up for your speaking.


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