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3 Life Lessons From Megan Smith, CTO Of America

3 Life Lessons from Megan Smith, CTO of America

Vu Van and the Elsa team is privileged to attend the GES 2016 at Stanford University. Yesterday at the conference, the Elsa Team met with Megan Smith, the Chief Technology Officer of the United States of America.

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Here are the 3 top things we learned from Megan Smith:

1. Grow your TQ (Technical Quotient)

TQ, similar IQ and EQ, measures your propensity to be good at technology. Like most things in life, TQ can be developed through practice. If you think you’re not good at technology, then just practice using your technology, and your TQ will grow.

2. Join the conversation

There’s a conversation going on in the world right now, between the people who build and use technology, and the people who make the laws/policies around technology (like Megan Smith). Megan Smith told us that she and President Obama are very concerned about how they’re going to bring everyone into the conversation. They hear from tech CEOs in the bay area, but they don’t hear enough from the engineers/founders who make those technologies. At GES, Megan Smith pleads in a serious tone:

The people who make the technologies come from all over the world. All genders. All colors. They represent humanities greatest talents. We want them to join our conversation.

If this is one of you, please join Megan Smith and the White House in conversation. Say what you think, over Twitter, YouTube, Medium. Fluency in English not required.

3. Learn to code

Megan Smith and Obama recently started the program “Computer Science for All.” She explains excitedly:

It’s a program to encourage all schools in the United States to offer computer sciences classes to their students. And to encourage the media, to be aware of what they’re doing to make it harder for people to play in tech. Because we showing on TV Computer Science classes with 10 to 1 boys to girls ratio. Kids watch TV.

Kid see things that make them think that that’s the way the world should be. But that’s not the way the world has to be.

Megan appeared a frustrated at what’s going on in the world.

Then, a twinge of courage flashes through her face.

Thank you for joining this conversation. I’m really appreciative of all of you joining this conversation.


Author: Tia Gao

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