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ELSA Interview Series: Welcome!

Welcome to ELSA’s Interview series!
Throughout the journey of learning English, there are times when learners struggle to comprehend, and even struggle to pronounce some words, which can lead to very embarrassing moments. ELSA had the opportunity to interview some English language learners and learn about their interesting experience of acquiring this language.

Each week, ELSA will bring you a new inspiring story about one of our friends who might have struggled with the English language as a non-native speaker, but took initiatives to improve their speaking skills. We will also feature stories of those who have found their way to reach mastery in Englishthey can tell us what their secret sauce is. We hope to build a community where everyone shares their English learning story so that we can learn from each otherbecause who knows, there might be a word that you’ve been pronounced incorrectly all the time but don’t realize?

Oh, and these stories are not about having a perfect accent—as keeping our accent is our keeping our identity. It is who we are. It makes us authentic. This is about being able to speak confidently, to tell your story and convey your message fluently, as well as to step beyond your comfort to achieve and reach new opportunities in life.

Think of an embarrassing and/or memorable experience in your English learning journey, along with triumph. If you have an #ELSAStory and would like to be featured on our blog, please let us know! We’d love to share your experience with the ELSA community! Email us at [email protected]

Now, get ready for our very first and special featured story of Margaux Remize, a French exchange student turned a super star water polo player at the University of California, Berkeley.


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