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ELSA Speak Case Study: Nha Trang University

ELSA Speak Case Study: Nha Trang University

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Nha Trang University (NTU) in Vietnam is one of the leading institutions for training and research in the field of fisheries. It contributes an integral part in the socioeconomic development in the South Central regions, the Central Highlands and the whole country.

Having solid English speaking skills is a crucial requirement for NTU students, even from their first year.

In this ELSA Speak case study we look at how Nha Trang University used ELSA to improve their students’ English level.

The challenge

With a large class sizes, lecturers faced difficulties in:

  • assessing students current level of English;
  • correcting individual mistakes in a timely manner;
  • and measuring progress and improvement.

The university was keen on applying technology solutions to English language training to:

  1. enhance the traditional on-site classroom model;
  2. provide learning opportunities for a large number of students at a reasonable cost;
  3. and to monitor their progress efficiently and effectively.

How we implemented ELSA Speak at NTU

  • ELSA has been offered to over 550 learners majoring in the English language since 2021. 
  • The Faculty of Foreign Languages runs courses focused on improving pronunciation and communication skills. ELSA is used to supplement in-person instruction for students and support the teaching staff in managing and evaluating learners’ progress at an individual level.
  • ELSA worked with the university to map ELSA lessons and the content from their textbooks to leverage the syllabus with our technology.
  • Students are required to fulfil the following conditions to take the final exam:
    • Reach a certain level of English proficiency (ELSA Score) relevant to the required learning goals defined by the school.
    • Complete a number of ELSA lessons and the Assignments created based on the textbooks.
    • ELSA metrics (e.g., ELSA score, improvement rate, hours of learning, etc.) also account for a percentage of their learning achievements.

Student engagement and Improvement

ELSA reviewed a group of approximately 300 students after 3 months of practicing with ELSA Speak.

The majority of the learners showed improvement in this short period of time.


  • Engagement: 
    • 97% of students were active and practiced 7 minutes/day on average.
    • The most engaged learners practiced over 30 minutes/day and
      spent over 19 hours/month on the app on average.
  • Improvement: 
    • 91% of the students showed improvement over the course of 3 months.
      Most students were at the Lower-Intermediate level (average EPS 60%).
      After 3 months, the dominant group is the Intermediate level (average EPS 75%).
    • Average improvement in EPS is by +17 points.

For the most active learners who had practiced for over 10 hours/month (20 minutes/day) on average, average improvement jumped to +21 points.

Feedback from learners and program managers

Program managers conducted a feedback survey with over 200 of these students after three months of using ELSA Speak. The results speak for themselves:

  • 84% recognized that they had improved their pronunciation skills.
  • 70% answered Satisfied or Very Satisfied with using ELSA Speak compared to their expectations.
  • 84% said that ELSA lessons were relevant and even more extensive than the lessons they had in class.
  • 91% thought that the price of the software was reasonable and affordable.
  • The majority of students love the game-type exercises and attractive, suitable content/topics on ELSA Speak. Interest and excitement are essential factors in increasing the students’ motivation to study.

Want to know more about how ELSA Speak can help your university or school scale your English training? Request a demo today.

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