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“Hi. I’m ELSA AI, And I’m Here To Help You Learn English.”

“Hi. I’m ELSA AI, and I’m here to help you learn English.”

Following a successful early access trial, ELSA’s groundbreaking AI tutor – ELSA AI – is now available to all our users.

ELSA AI is your personal AI English tutor. It has been enormously popular with users who signed up to preview the early access version.  But what is it and how does it work?

  1. You can have a real conversation with ELSA AI. It’s not scripted! There will be lots of spontaneous, free flowing back and forth in an AI-powered roleplay. 
  2. Choose a scenario – ordering coffee, presenting a report, participating in a meeting – and practice what you want to say with ELSA AI. 

 After your conversation, you’ll get feedback on how you did and see lots of ways to improve your language for future conversations. ELSA AI guides you just like a human teacher! 

“ELSA AI helps me to be confident and natural when speaking English in real conditions.” 

– ELSA AI early access user

How ELSA AI helps English learners on their learning journey

Since the launch of the early access version of ELSA AI in May 2023 users have been blown away by how it has helped them in their language learning journey. 

In fact, more than 34 million users joined us on the trial and further development of ELSA AI. From their interactions, feedback and use cases, we have been able to launch an AI tutor unlike anything you have ever tried before. 

ELSA AI early access users were able to interact with ELSA AI in a variety of roleplays, from shopping at the mall to sitting a job interview. 

Many of our users commented on how naturalistic the interactions are, just like a human tutor. For many, this approach has helped their communication skills when speaking English in real life.

One user reported, “ELSA AI helps me to be confident and natural when speaking English in real conditions.”

A range of roleplays

There are set roleplays for users to choose from, covering a variery of different scenarios. These include both personal interactions and professional scenes. 

Best of all, learners can get creative and make their own roleplays. This means they are able to practice exactly the language they need, which our users love:

“I found the My Own Scenario feature to be incredibly helpful and accurate.” 

– ELSA AI early access user

How early access users enjoyed the ELSA AI trial

Many of our learners practiced casual conversations, like picking up coffee or trying on clothes. But we also noticed a trend of people practicing workplace conversations with the AI tutor. 

We think this is a great way of rehearsing high stakes conversations, like job interviews or salary negotiations.Of course, the aim in these situations is to help our users feel more confident in the moment. 

I really like ELSA AI because I can practice without fear.”

– ELSA AI early access user

ELSA AI unlocks a number of benefits

Our AI tutor can help people to overcome their nerves about speaking English, feel more confident, and unlock their career potential. It’s a powerful way for learners to turbocharge English learning, and fulfill their professional potential. 

“It is excellent. When they gave me access I didn’t hesitate and paid for another year, it is exactly what I need at this time.”

– ELSA AI early access user

The future of development at ELSA

The  AI-powered role play feature is just the latest tool in our AI toolkit. ELSA’s mission is to change the face of language learning, supported by cutting edge gen AI technology. With over 50 million downloads across 195 different countries, we are helping people all over the world to improve their English skills at pace. 

“Our vision is to enable the 1.5 billion language learners around the globe to speak foreign languages with full confidence”, says founder and CEO Vu Van, “and unlock their opportunities in life.” 

How was ELSA AI developed? 

Our diverse team of AI scientists, expert linguists, and educators harnessed the capabilities of generative AI technology to create our AI tutor. Our aim was to create a seamless interaction between a language learner and an AI tutor that would replicate a conversation between a learner and a human tutor, with specific, individualized feedback afterwards. 

ELSA CTO Xavier Anguera explains: “By leveraging genAI’s strengths, such as language formulation and understanding, edtech can benefit from improved content generation, summarization, translation, explanations and others.” 

Of course, ELSA Speak was already a powerful system for learners to boost their English communication skills – so an AI tutor made sense as the next feature to roll out to users.

“By integrating genAI with expert systems, we can maximize the benefits of this technology,” says Xavier, “while ensuring the delivery of accurate and reliable knowledge, enhancing the learning experience for students.” 

So, what this means for language learners is an accessible, affordable personal English tutor – previously the preserve of the privileged, but thanks to generative AI, it is now accessible for many more people. Some of our users seemed to prefer ELSA AI to a human tutor!  

“It was great. The feedback was very thorough. I really appreciated the advice from each of the perspectives of pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. It was more detailed than talking to an actual native speaker.” 

– ELSA AI early access user

GenAI is changing the face of education, and ELSA is leading the charge, harnessing this extraordinary new technology to help people learn, grow and achieve their potential. 

ELSA AI tutor hits the market today – sign up now

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