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Top Phrases To Know When Traveling

Top phrases to know when traveling

When you travel abroad, where people don’t speak the same language with your mother tongue, English would be useful to rescue you from some troublesome. Here are top popular phrases when traveling you should know.


By using these following phrases, you can start friendly start a conversation with the other.

  • Hello.  This is a formal greeting. You should use this when you are in a formal event (such as a business meeting or party) or with people you don’t know
  • Good morning. This phrase is a greeting used by English speakers in the morning. It’s only used before 12pm (noon). You should not use this phrase after 12pm.
  • Good afternoon. This is the phrase people use between 12pm and about 5pm.
  • Good evening. This phrase is used in the evening, between 5pm and 9pm.

At the customs

You’ll need to present to the customs when arriving a country. This could be a stressful experience as you have to tell the officers why you’re arriving that country. But don’t worry, the following sentences can help you.

  • I have a connecting flight

You can use this sentence to explain that you will not be staying but going to board another plane to go somewhere else.

  • I am traveling for leisure/ work

This sentence is to let the officers know your travel’s intentions.

  • I will be here for X days

You can state how many days you will be in that country with this sentence.

  • I am staying at…

You may be asked where you will be staying at your destination. Prepare the address in advance.

Asking for the locations

If you want to go somewhere or locate where you are, you can use these structures:

  • I would like to go to….

Ex: I would like to go to the supermarket.

  • Where is……

Ex: Where is the police station

  • Can you tell/show me the way to….

Ex:  Can you show me the way to the Central Post Office.

Shopping questions

Shopping time! Let use below sentences to buy the things you want.

  • How much does it cost?

Want to know the price of stuff? Ask the seller this question.

  • Do you have another size?

You try on favorite shoes or clothes but they are not fit you, use this sentence to try another.

  • What is good here?

You are new to a place and want to know its specialty. This question will help you explore many interesting things.

Common problems

In some emergent cases, these sentences may help you out.

  • I have lost my passport.

Passport is the essential document for your travel. If you’ve lost your passport. You should go the embassy of your home country. Say this sentence to other and ask for the direction to the embassy.

  • Help!

If something bad happens to you, you can use this word to get the attention of other people and appeal for assistance.

  • Someone stole my money

If someone stole your money or other things, you’ll need to go the police station or call the police, then use this sentence to let them know your situation.

  • I want to call the police

The police can help you a lot when you’re in trouble in the foreign country. Have the police number ready.


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