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Top 15 Characters For Your Awesome Halloween 2017!

Top 15 characters for your awesome Halloween 2017!

Halloween is coming! Do you have any plan? Going to a Halloween Party? Or playing “Trick or Treat” around your neighborhood? Who do you want to be this Halloween? What will you dress up?

Wanna have some suggestions? Here is top 15 characters for you that you can try this Halloween 2017. And as usual, ELSA’s tips to pronounce the characters’ names correctly.

  1. Rapuzel from Tangled

    * Many people usually pronounce /rɑˈpʌnzəl/.
    For the first syllabus, it’s /rə/ instead of /rɑ/

    open-uri20150608-27674-17p5hpj_c32ec00e Tangled-Ever-After-New-Princess-Rapunzel-Cosplay-Costume-Adult-Purple-Princess-Dress-Rapunzel-Costume-Halloween-Fancy.jpg_640x640

  2. Olaf from Frozen
    *Remember that ‘Olaf’ has ending sound /f/. 
    /f/ is the voiceless version of /v/, and only air passes through the mouth. 

    191a0ea89f78d30cbc7acc07cb17d996372458c6 58c9a7d1212da6c856c4f56e9877fcf5--olaf-halloween-costume-halloween-ideas
  3. Tinkerbell from Peter Pan
    *Remember to put stress on the first syllabus. It’s TIN-ker-bell, not tin-KER-bell or tin-ker-BELL


  4. Maleficent from Maleficent
    *The stress should be in the second syllabus /le/, and the first syllabus should be pronounced /mə/, instead of /mæ/

    maleficent-inspired-items-article-052317 open-uri20150422-20810-w6b5q6_1dd2d51b

  5. Cinderella from Cinderella

    Cinderella in her dress 3f1a5c806b0d3a63d0f9d4dce8e0260a--cinderella-cosplay-disney-cosplay

  6. Peter Pan from Peter Pan
    /pɪ́jtə pán/

    Peter-Pan-1024x700 2844045240121M
  7. Hobbit from The Hobbit

    Bilbo_Baggins_in_The_Hobbit 343423a27e7d300d38a0317211db1d43

  8. Mario

    mario_plumber twiznik-mario-cosplay-1

  9. Pennywise the Clown from IT
    *Remember that the ending sound is /z/.

    pennywise-1-1 clowns_it_03

    According to, here is how to pronounce /z/ sound perfectly.

    To create the /z/, the front of the tongue is placed close to the tooth ridge. The tip of the tongue should be close to the upper backside of the top front teeth. The tongue is kept tense as air is pushed between a small groove along the center of the tip of the tongue and the front of the tooth ridge. The front sides of the tongue touch the side teeth toward the front of the mouth. The lips are held slightly tense during the sound.

  10. Minion from Despicable Me

    dm2_minion_dave_020 2017-Adult-Flannel-Despicable-Me-Pajamas-Women-font-b-Men-b-font-Cartoon-font-b-Minion

  11. Wonder Woman from Wonder Woman
    /ˈwʌndə wʊmən/

    wonder-woman-dc-art-2009 Sexy-Wonder-Women-Cosplay-and-costume016

  12. Cleopatra
    * Remember to put stress on the third syllabus. The first syllabus should be pronounced /kli/, instead of /klɛ/

    liz1 FRM-64888-C

  13. Vampire

    Vampire_diana_blood_by_darkest_b4_dawn-d6dfhrv maxresdefault

  14. Russell from UP!
    *What is the difference between /ʌ/ vs /ə/. Why is it /ˈrʌsəl/, but not /ˈrəsəl/.  
    The answer is: 
    – [ʌ] for stressed syllables 
    you usually see /ʌ/ in words like “cut”, “mutt”, “butter”, “nun” or “luck”
    – [ə] for unstressed syllables
    you usually see /ə/ “sofa”, “photograph”, or “adore”

    russell Oct 31b

  15. Belle from Beauty and the Beasts
    *This word looks like that it has two syllabuses, but actually it only has one syllabus, and we pronounce it /bɛ́l/

    Belle-pose 2017-font-b-Beauty-b-font-and-the-font-b-Beast-b-font-Princess-Belle-Cosplay


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