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Sounds Smart With These Terms In World Cup

Sounds smart with these terms in World Cup

World Cup is happening. Who wins, loses or dominated? How do teams play? Discussing with your friends now using these terms below will make you become a smart commentator. Don’t forget to open ELSA (Android and IOS) to check your pronunciation with these terms.

1. Parking the bus: the act of all 11 players play defense and not trying to go forward to score. Normally, the dominating team will play in this style in order to hold on to their current score.

For example: Vietnam is parking the bus since they want to keep their current result.

2. Howler: Most popularly used when a goalie commits an error that results in a goal that wouldn’t have otherwise been scored.

For example: Robert Green committed a howler in England’s opening game against the U.S. in 2010.


3. Tiki-taka (pronounced “ticky-tacka”)— a popular style of play, usually employed by Spain. It’s based on short passing and keeping the ball. Players will continuously pass around the field in small triangles and go forward from a few yards out.

4. Golazo— A dramatic goal. A goal that hits into an incredible angle of the net. A goal that swerves violently past a helpless goalkeeper.

For example: Golazo: CR7 scored on an incredible bicycle kick.


5. In form— Describes a player who has been playing well recently.

For example: Neymar is playing in form with the Brazil team (it means Neymar is playing very well)

6. Azzurri— The nickname for Italy’s national team. Some others: Les Bleus (France), La Roja (Spain), El Tri (Mexico), Socceroos (Australia), Oranje (Netherlands), the Black Stars (Ghana), and, amazingly, the Indomitable Lions (Cameroon). These are usually called as a replacement name for a national football team.

7. Against the run of play: When a team scores a goal (or wins a free kick, corner kick, etc.) when the opposing team plays better and has more opportunities.


For example: Germany dominated the game, but Korea won with a late goal against the run of play.

Share us more terms about sport and don’t forget to check your pronunciation with ELSA (download link Android and IOS)

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