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Prevent Getting Lost While Traveling

Prevent getting lost while traveling

Travel makes a wise man better but a fool worse

 Thomas Fuller

Life would become boring if you have not traveled for at least once. It isn’t like the way to work/school and back but a whole adventurous journey. So, getting lost while traveling is common. If you say you have not got lost for your first travel, you must be a superman or God is shining luck on you. If you are lost, you cannot avoid anxiety and panic but it won’t help you. Therefore, ELSA is happy to give you some tips preventing you from getting lost. Hope it will help you with your journey!

1. Always plan beforehand


No matter what you do, you need to have a concrete plan, even when you are traveling. Places to go and transportation are the two must-be-planned items. It can prevent you from getting lost, also save your time and enjoy your travel. You can find some suggestions on travel websites, travel blogs and reviews on Youtube.

2. Bring map and GPS devices


Some people think a map is already outdated. However, it is super useful while traveling, especially for places your GPS devices could not live. They are two of the most useful items when traveling.

3. Have a good backup plan

You need to know clearly where you live. Capture it by your phones/cameras will be helpful. Also, writing your hotel address down and emergency contact in case you don’t know a local language. Local banks, hospital, administrative centers, and grocery stores are common places that have high chances of being known by the local. If possible, learn some basic sentences of the local language to communicate easier.

4. Ask for directions


This is the most common way and it won’t get old. Locals know best. They even can tell you where you should go, best spots in town/cities and even the shortcuts. Use your situation to ask for direction and who knows, you can become their friends. You can bump into other travelers as well. They can become your partner while traveling.

Getting lost is not the worst thing to you while traveling. You may have unexpected experiences like making new friends, explore unknown places and it can help you to understand the spot better. However, good preparation is a must. It will save your time, make your journey smoother and help you  to avoid dangerous situations. Hope this blog helps your journey and remember not all those who wander are lost!

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