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Great Tips For Resume Writing In English

Great Tips for Resume Writing in English

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  • 1.Great Tips for Resume Writing in English

A great resume could be the icing on the cake during a job interview, yes you look sharp, your shirt is starched, your ponytail is sleek but a great English resume could do the trick. Writing a resume in English is not the same as writing a resume in your native language, for a non-native English speaker writing a resume in English can be a bit of a challenge that’s why I am here to help. Follow these tips to write a great English resume.

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Your Education; Do not hold out information about where you went to school, your degree, all your relevant certificates (including the ones from the online courses you eventually finished). Include every academic achievement relevant to your career goals at that moment.

adam-solomon-WHUDOzd5IYU-unsplashYour Heading; When writing your English resume, the top should contain your full name, address, working phone number emphasis on working phone number, you don’t want to write a phone number that cannot be reached on your resume. Also, a professional Email should be included in your heading, do not use the email you created in high school “[email protected]” is not a professional email if you need to get a new email address. You can also include your social media handles if you’re confident about them and feel they will help in your job applications.


Objective Statement; In English resume writing your objective statement should be short and to the point, this statement should be relevant to your career objectives and should prove that you are qualified for the jobs you wish to apply for.


Skills; This section is not the same as the education section, in this section, you should include your soft and hard skills that might not show up in your diploma and academic record. Examples of soft skills you can include when writing your resume in English are; great interpersonal skills, ability to work under pressure, teamwork, communication, time management and any other skills you think will give you an edge. Some hard skills you can include are; computer literacy, project management skills, writing skills, and any other hard skills that could be relevant for the jobs you apply for.

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Volunteer experience; This is a great way to show your contribution to the world even though you do not have prior work experience. If you do not have work experience, a list of things you’ve volunteered in could show your potential employer why you will be a great fit for the job. Even though you have prior work experience your volunteer experience can make you stand out from the crowd.


Do not have a resume that hurts your eyes; You may have heard that a one-page resume is a killer resume, well not all the time, do not be afraid to let your resume get to two-pages as long as you only include information that will be useful in helping you land the job. Space your resume, in resume writing, every important information must be highlighted and visible, a crowded resume makes it difficult for important information to be seen. If your resume eventually becomes a two-page resume make sure you include your header on the second page. Include only relevant information in your resume, do not crowd your resume with irrelevant information.



So, there you have it, tips to help you succeed in your English resume writing, you need to follow these steps to ensure that you land the job that you are looking for.

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