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ELSA Speak Founder Selected To Become An Endeavor Entrepreneur In The 5th Virtual International Selection Panel

ELSA Speak founder selected to become an Endeavor entrepreneur in the 5th Virtual International Selection Panel

From left to right: The Edge (U2; Chairman of Endeavor Ireland), Martín Migoya (Co-founder & CEO, Globant; BM of Endeavor Argentina, Endeavor Entrepreneur), Van Vu(Founder & CEO, ELSA Corp.)

In July, ELSA team got the great news that our founder Vu Van was selected as an Endeavor entrepreneur in the ISP (International Selection Panel).

This globally renowned recognition followed a competitive process led by global panelists consisting of prominent figures from all aspects of the business. Vu was selected out of a number of high caliber entrepreneurs from around the world. The selection process involved remote interviews from which the Endeavor panelists sought to discover each candidate’s potential for high impact and growth potential.

Endeavor entrepreneurs gain access to comprehensive, strategic, global support services, including introductions to local and international business mentors, investors, and volunteers from Fortune 500 consulting firms who will help them address key needs. Endeavor entrepreneurs are also expected to give back to the local entrepreneurship ecosystems.

“The beauty of the Endeavor system and culture is how super smart and successful people come together to help others pro bono. I’m 100% pro Bono, but 110% pro the Endeavor global network and community. This Endeavor thing really works,” The Edge (U2; Endeavor Ireland Board Chairman)

Endeavor Vietnam official website

We are thrilled to join the community of entrepreneurs and mentors in the journey to build a business that is truly global, inclusive, and sustainable.

Read more on Endeavor’s official blog.

About Endeavor

Founded in 1997 as a non-profit organization, Endeavor supports entrepreneurs around the world with potential for economic and social impact. It currently supports 2,083 entrepreneurs leading 1,300 companies in 37 markets worldwide. Endeavor entrepreneurs have had a significant track record of impact — in 2019, the community of entrepreneurs created 4.1M+ jobs around the world and generated $24+ billion in revenues in 2019 while supporting the efforts to build sustainable growth models in their home countries. Read more about Endeavor at

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