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The pool of opportunities has now open its gate wider than ever. The rules of the game are getting fairer and fairer. More and more people are now sitting at their home working with overseas teams and clients. Backgrounds and origins now matter less and less. The opportunities are right there. However, they aren’t meant for everybody. Not even for many, just a selected few. A selected few who has what it takes to be part of the game: the ability to present himself well to the world.

In which, communication is a vital part.

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How “Y” changes when she meets these 4 guys

Y is finding a boyfriend. She has 4 potential guys who want to be with her, but they are all different from each other and she is also different when she’s around one of them.


Here’s the detailed story.

1. Y and T

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/s/ or /z/?

In American English, s can be pronounced either as /s/ or /z/. As easy as it may sound, in fact, you can be quite confused between the two. But don’t you worry, ELSA is here to offer some help.

Be clear about the difference between /s/ and /z/

  • The /s/ sound:  Relax your mouth a bit. Place the tip of your tongue close to the back of your teeth, but don’t touch them. Let the air out between your teeth to make a hissing sound.
  • The /z/ sound: Place your tongue just like in the s position, but this time, tense your tongue a bit more when you push the air out. If you can feel some sort of vibration, you’ve done it correctly

Image: WikiHow

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I bet you have seen people with an American accent pronouncing words like computer as compuDer. And yet there are other words that they don’t pronounce that way, like curTain, not curDain. Have you ever wondered about why that’s the case? If you have, voila! Here’s what you need to know.

In American English, T can be pronounced in 5 different ways

Shocked? Yes, that’s why learning English is no easy jobs. But once you’ve mastered these rules, I’m sure you will speak English in a more natural and confident accent.

Let’s get back to the rules. In American English, there are 5 ways you can pronounce the sound of T.


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6 awesome YouTube channels that can actually help you improve your English speaking skills

“Why? Why should I study English on YouTube?”, you may ask.

The answer is simple: listening and then repeating is one of the best ways to make progress in your speaking skills.

ELSA suggests you a few YouTube channels that may come in handy for your self-study. Some of them were produced by professionals, while others come from enthusiasts with a deep understanding of Vietnamese speakers’ problems. Let’s check them out!


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7 Everyday Internet Slangs That You Probably Don’t Know How To Pronounce

7 everyday Internet slangs that you probably don’t know how to pronounce

You have definitely used these slangs. Every. Single. Day. You can write them down, but if someone asks you to read them out loud, can you do that? If you cannot, this article is for you.

1. Etc.

  • Meaning: It is used at the end of a list to indicate that further, similar items are included
  • Shouldn’t: “ee-tee-see” or “et-see”
  • Should: “et-se-tə-rə”
  • Alternatives: and other things, and so forth,…
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