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5 Tips On How To Be Fluent In English Within 60 Days

5 tips on how to be fluent in English within 60 days

It is the dream of every English learner to become as fluent as a native English speaker within a short period of English learning. Being fluent in English goes beyond just having a wealth of knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary it has to transfer from your head to your mouth. Even though it seems so far-fetched and unachievable fluency in English within a short period is achievable regardless of your English learning differences, just follow these tips to become fluent in English within 60 days.


Practice everyday:

Do not catch a break if you must achieve fluency, set a goal for things to practice every day. Remember the saying “practice makes perfect” you can’t become better at something until you put in the work. Speak your native language less and speak the English language more daily. Speak to yourself, forget about people thinking you are silly, we are trying to achieve a goal here. Setting a practice schedule will make it easier for you to learn.


Find your community of friends who like english:

Now is the time to put your social skills to good use, you have to be part of a community of fellow English learners and English speakers so you can go through the English learning journey together, ask them for feedback, compete with them for fun, and get them to motivate you. Also, the community will help you feel more comfortable with your imperfection (accent, grammatical mistakes) during the journey.


Speak out loud and get feedback:

I know it sounds great in your head when you hear yourself speaking in English. But that is not going to help you improve. You need someone to tell you when you’re making mistakes and to tell you how to fix what you are doing wrong. Get feedback from your friends and the people around you about how much you’re improving and take note of areas where you need more work and try to get better at them.


Make use of technology to study anytime and anywhere (do not limit learning to the classroom):

In English learning technology is your best friend, there are lots of resources online, different apps that can help you with your practice, learning does not take place in the classroom alone, your phone is like your mobile classroom, tap into its wealth of English learning resources. When you hear a word or sentence you do not understand, look it up.


Don’t stop increasing your vocabulary:

Try to learn at least a new word every day, learn words that are specific to your niche. If you work in a bakery then try to become familiar with bakery terms, focus on the words you need to know, don’t start a “I will finish the dictionary marathon”, please. Focus on the words that are most frequently used in day to day conversations.


The secret to being fluent in English fast is not stuffing your brain with all the words in the dictionary. It is finding your niche, your English learning community, constantly practicing, and making use of your best friend (Technology)!

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