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Different Ways To Say Goodbye In English

Different ways to say goodbye in English

Sometimes, saying goodbye in English can be more complicated than you think. In different situations, you have different ways to say farewell to someone. In this article, we will help you to expand your repertoire with five different ways to say goodbye.


This is a short form of “goodbye’’ and one of the most common ways to say goodbye. You can say it to family, friends, or anyone you know. It is even used at the end of the conversation after you have said one of the other expressions below. For example, you can say “have a good day, bye!”

See you later” or “See you soon”

These expressions are used in casual settings. It is common to say this and then say “bye.” You also can change the pronunciation of the word “you” into “ya” to be more casual.

“Have a good day”

This is a polite way to say goodbye to people who are not very close to you.You can replace the word “day” with other nouns such as: “have a good trip”, “have a good weekend,” “have a good evening.”

“It was nice seeing you”

This is a formal way of saying “goodbye”. When you first meet someone you say: “ It’s nice to meet you” and when you goodbye you might say “ It was nice seeing you.”

I’ve got to get going”

You can use this sentence as a sign to tell everyone that you’re about to leave because sometimes it can be rude that you suddenly say “bye” in the middle of the conversation.After saying this sentence, you have the option of adding where you are leaving to. or example, “ I’ve to get going. My class starts in next 10 minutes.”

See you next time”

This expression is used when you know that you will see this person again.

Cultural tip! Americans like to use this phrase at the end of a first date. At the end of a date, both parties will say this to each other in order to make the other person feel good about the date. Regardless of whether they intend to see the other person again, they’ll still say “see you next time!”

There are a lot more ways to say “goodbye” that is used in daily conversation. Check out “English essentials” in the ELSA app to practice the phrases above and more!
See you next time!

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